Why Big Tree Removal Jobs Need the Right Equipment

Trying to remove a large tree from your property can be an arduous process and a dangerous one if attempted by an amateur. At Hagan & Sons, we’ve been in the tree removal business for years and have helped plenty of Marylanders. We wanted to take time today to talk specifically about the removal of bigger trees, and what equipment is needed to safely bring them down.

Proper Rigging Equipment

When trimming or cutting down a tree, if it’s large enough, its branches will need to be cut off first. The best way to safely trim branches off a tree is with rigging equipment. We use industrial-grade blocks, pulleys and ropes, and use rigging to both lower branches and raise up tools.

Professional Cutting Equipment

Paul Bunyon may have cut his trees down with an ax, but nowadays there are a variety of different cutting tools available to modern tree trimmers. From pole saws to pruners to chainsaws, we use only the highest quality equipment on the market. We’ve found that not only do higher quality tools last longer, but they also perform the job better.

Safe Climbing Equipment

The most dangerous part about trimming a tree isn’t actually cutting it, it’s climbing it. The taller a tree is, the more dangerous it is to cut, which means when cutting a large tree, it’s very important that you use high-quality and reliable climbing tools. If you’re falling to the Earth from the top of an 80-foot tree, you don’t want to put your life in the hands of the cheapest safety harness you could find.

Get Help from a Professional Tree Trimmer in Maryland

Whether you need a tree taken down or just want some trimming done, Hagan & Sons is here for you. We’ve cut down trees of all different sizes. Don’t risk any damage to your home or property. If you need a tree taken down, work with an experienced Maryland tree removal company.