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Can I Remove a Tree Myself?

Trees are an essential part of our environment and provide a wide range of benefits to our lives. As much as we like and need trees, there are situations where they need to be removed, such as when they pose a threat to property or human life. In such cases, hiring a professional Maryland tree...

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Proper Stump Grinding for Land Reuse

Land clearing is important for any large property or land overhaul. It gives way to a blank canvas that allows builders to move forward with their project. But once trees are cut down and removed, the tree stumps remain. These tree stumps need to be ground up and removed in order to reuse the...

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5 Actual Tree Accidents

Cutting down a tree can be a really dangerous task, and is not one that should be attempted by an amateur. There are a lot of things that can go wrong when falling a tree, and over the years, practically anything that can go wrong will at some point in time. At Hagan & Sons,

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