Tree Services

Hagan & Sons offers comprehensive tree services for Westminster, Eldersburg, and other areas in Carroll County, Maryland. We can handle everything from tree removal, to pruning services, and everything in between with an unparalleled attention to detail. Not only that, but we can even address your excavation and demolition needs to ensure that your property is exactly the way you imagine it.

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Comprehensive Tree Services Throughout Carroll County

Trees are exceptionally important to the environment. Their presence provides a home for essential wildlife, oxygen for the environment, and root systems that prevent erosion. Not only that, but trees also provide aesthetic value to our homes and businesses. Making sure that your trees are cared for is vital, but thankfully, Hagan & Sons is here to help.

Our tree services include:

We also offer complete Excavation and Demolition Services for residential and commercial properties so that you can shape your land however you see fit.

Dead Trees Pose a Threat to Your Property

If you have a dead tree on your property, getting it removed may not seem terribly important. After all, even a dead tree is still providing beauty and privacy to your yard, right? Well, that may be true, but a dead tree will also bring trouble to your property in the form of pests, disease, and risk.


Bugs like termites, carpenter ants, and other wood boring insects love to take up residence in dead trees, which can lead to an infestation spreading into your home or even into other, living trees. Scavenging animals like rats, opossums, and other nuisance wildlife can also move in and, if they do, it’s only a matter of time before they invade your home.


Like people, trees can get sick too. Tree diseases are often caused by a bacteria or fungus that has gotten hold of the tree. Common diseases can include things like Powdery Mildew Disease, Heart Rot Disease, and Canker Disease. One tree disease, Verticillium Wilt, can even spread to gardens and other types of plant life, causing serious harm to your plants.


One of the biggest problems with dead trees is their risk of falling. Though a healthy tree can withstand strong winds and other forms of weather, a dead tree is not going to have the same level of endurance and can fall. Falling trees can destroy homes, damage cars, and even harm people. It’s very important that you get a dead tree removed to prevent this serious risk.

Hagan & Sons is Your Home for Tree Services in Carroll County

Whether you need us to come out and remove a tree or you need us to help you with storm clean up, Hagan & Sons can help you. We offer a full suite of tree services from stump grinding to pruning, and everything in between. We can even assist with a variety of crane services and emergency tree services, available 24/7. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you or to ask us any questions you may have. We’re ready to meet your needs.

Carroll County: Eldersburg (21784), Finksburg (21048), Hampstead (21074), Marriottsville (21104), Mount Airy (21771), New Windsor (21776), Sykesville (21784), Union Bridge (21791), Westminster (21157, 21158), Woodbine (21797)

Baltimore County: Ellicott City (21043), Glyndon (21071), Owings Mills (21117), Pikesville (21208), Reisterstown (21136), Woodstock (21163)

Howard County: Columbia (21044, 21045, 21046), Clarksville (21029), Cooksville (21723), Dayton (21036), Ellicott City (21042, 21043), Fulton (20759), Glenelg (21737), Glenwood (21738), Highland (20777), Marriottsville (21104), West Friendship (21784), Woodbine (21797).