Carroll County Demolition and Excavation

If you have a structure that’s falling apart and you want to knock it down and start over with a clear site, you came to the right place. Hagan & Sons specializes in residential and commercial excavation and demolition services. We have over 25 years of experience in helping the local community and our professional help will leave your property looking nice and spotless.

Grading, Site-Clearing, and Drainage Solutions for Carroll County

Excavation can be a long, grueling process that we handle with care and professionalism. When people typically think of excavation, they think of site-clearing, which needs to be done if you’re adding on to your home or starting to build a completely new structure. However, that’s not the only reason people get their property excavated. People get their property excavated to install new sewage lines and septic systems, put in a pool, or even to get rid of unwanted rocks on their property.

Excavating can also mean grading, or making the ground flat, because you may need to control erosion in your backyard or garden. Grading is also used to regulate drainage if there were to be a lot of rain, meaning that the land can be shaped to drain the water away from your home.

Our site-clearing service includes brush clean up and storm clean up, so we can keep your community looking good. This also means that, regardless of what you need the excavation for, we will leave your property totally clean and clear.

Building Demolition, Concrete Removal, and More

Excavation and demolition often go hand-in-hand. Our demolition services focus on tearing down buildings, removing concrete, selective demolition, commercial and residential demolition, as well as site-clearing, lot-clearing, and clean up so you have a clean site when you’re done.

Building demolition may happen when a business wants to rebuild from the ground up, or say if you have a fixer-upper. Concrete removal may need to happen if you’re repaving the road to make it smoother if there are a lot of cracks. What ever your demolition needs are, we can meet them.

Hagan & Sons is Your Home for Excavation and Demolition

No matter of what you need, we offer 24-hour emergency services because we know that incidents happen and we want to be on call for you. With years of experience, Hagan & Sons can help you dig up the perfect plan for your demolition and excavation. Give us a call to see how our services can help you clean up your property.