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Land Clearing for New Land Use

The clearing and development of land can be one of the greatest ways to create new economic investments and opportunities, but if you’ve never been in the process of land clearing before, you might not know what to expect. There’s a lot that goes into clearing land for new land use, and you...

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5 Actual Tree Accidents

Cutting down a tree can be a really dangerous task, and is not one that should be attempted by an amateur. There are a lot of things that can go wrong when falling a tree, and over the years, practically anything that can go wrong will at some point in time. At Hagan & Sons,

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Demolition is Best Left to Experts

Do you have a structure on your property that has fallen into a state of disrepair? If so, you’re likely thinking about having it demolished and hauled away. Demolishing a structure of any size can be dangerous and is almost always a job better left to professionals. At Hagan & Sons, we’ve...

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