Signs that Trees Need to Be Taken Down

There comes a time in every tree’s life cycle when its beauty and splendor run out and it  becomes more of a liability than a beautiful landscape feature. Saying goodbye to a tree or multiple trees that have been on the property for years is never easy. Unfortunately, there are times when it’s necessary to have a tree removed – for the safety of you and everyone around your home. 



The Tree No Longer Produces Leaves

For most trees, leaves symbolize a healthy tree. If the tree in your yard used to produce big, beautiful leaves but no longer does so, it may be time to have it taken down. No matter if leaves are no longer produced due to pest damage, a lightning strike, an adverse environment, or extremely old age, taking down a tree that no longer produces leaves is usually the best thing to do. 


It’s Too Close to a Structure

Trees can become a nightmare if they are too close to structures. This can include your house, a neighbor’s house, a shed, or other human structures. Over time, trees that are too close to human structures can end up destroying them from the ground up. If you don’t want the roots of a tree to affect the integrity of any structures on your property, be sure to have the tree taken down by a professional tree removal company.


The Trunk is Hollow

Trees that form large cavities or are hollow inside present a tremendous risk to the property owner. These signal problems with the tree’s structural integrity, and at any moment, the tree can collapse. Even with the best tree care routine, a weak trunk cannot support all its limbs properly, which can mean danger for you, your loved ones, and your property.


There’s a Growing Number of Dead or Dying Tree Branches

A few dead branches here and there on a tree are normal and part of a tree’s natural growth cycle. However, if you notice that a tree constantly has dead or dying branches, it can indicate an increasing problem. It usually means the entire tree is dying. Large, dead branches near the crown of a dying tree are especially problematic. It’s recommended to have the tree taken down before it can cause problems for your property.


Turn to Hagan and Sons for Safe Tree Removal in MD

When you need a tree safely removed from your property, there’s no one better to do it than Hagan & Sons Tree Services. Our trained arborists will ensure that the tree is removed quickly and never poses a threat to your property again. We offer 24-hour emergency service, so call us at 410-876-2143 to schedule an appointment.