Demolition is Best Left to Experts

Do you have a structure on your property that has fallen into a state of disrepair? If so, you’re likely thinking about having it demolished and hauled away. Demolishing a structure of any size can be dangerous and is almost always a job better left to professionals. At Hagan & Sons, we’ve been providing Marylanders with our demolition services for years and wanted to talk about some of the dangers you can face by trying to do a demo yourself or by hiring amateurs to do it.

Demolitions Are Dangerous

Tearing down a structure, no matter the size, is a difficult and dangerous task, particularly if you don’t have experience in doing so. There are a lot of dangers that can arise while demolishing a structure, but these are some of the most common:

Regular Injuries

When ripping up wood or brick structures, there can be lots of small pieces of debris flying around. Bits of stone, fragments of wood, and screws and nails can hit people if they’re not being careful, and if they’re not wearing the proper safety equipment, they can get seriously hurt. Cuts, bruises, and damage to the eyes are some of the most common injuries.

Potentially Hazardous or Toxic Materials

Over the years, building practices have developed a lot, and some previous practices have been marked as obsolete due to the hazardous materials used. Asbestos was once an extremely popular insulation material but has now been found to cause cancer. Lead was once widely used as a component of paint but has been found to cause immense health problems in humans. Many older structures will contain these materials, and demolishing the structure will expose them.

Unstable Structures

The bigger your structure is, the more danger is involved, and the more likely it could become unstable. The process of demolition involves destabilizing different parts of the structure, and these could collapse at any time, offering a uniquely dangerous obstacle. To properly take a structure down, its destabilization needs to be closely monitored and managed, something only an expert demolition company can do.

Have the Job Performed in a Timely Manner

If you lack previous demolition experience or hire an amateur to do it, you could find yourself with a project that eats up more time than you expected. When you work with a professional Maryland demolition company, they will be able to give you a timetable for how long the project will take and will be able to stick to it, completing your demolition project efficiently.

Work with an Experienced Demolition Company in Maryland

If you’re looking to have a structure torn down on your property, don’t put yourself in danger; get some help from a professional demolition company in Maryland. Our team of tree removal/demolition experts can help you no matter what your needs may be. Reach out to us today to learn more about how you can benefit from all of our services. We greatly look forward to hearing from you!