Removing Trees that are Dangerous to Your Home

Homeowners might hesitate to remove a tree from their property. But when that tree poses a threat to your home, it’s a necessary thing to do. Trees can become dangerous for a number of reasons, such as disease, insect or pest infestation, fungus, rot, weak roots, leaning, and damaged or broken branches. If you notice any of these things happening to a tree on your property, have a MD tree removal company remove it.

The Danger of a Dead Tree

The most dangerous kind of tree you can have on your property is a dead one. When a tree dies, or is in the process of dying, its root system no longer holds the tree in place. As a result, it puts the tree in imminent danger of toppling and crushing anything in its path. While dying trees can collapse under their own weight, the most common scenario is for a tree to collapse or become severely damaged after a heavy storm. 


The Danger of a Sick Tree

While dead trees are the most dangerous trees, sick trees are the second most dangerous kind of tree to have on your property. Sick trees are less likely to fall over, but parts of the tree can still easily break off and cause severe damage. Trees can become sick for many different reasons, but in many cases, the tree will die in sections. Before it’s too late, enlist the help of a tree removal company to remove a sick tree. 


What to Do About a Dead Tree 

If you notice that you have a dead tree on your property or a tree is in the process of dying, call on the professionals to remove the tree for you. Never attempt to remove a tree on your own because the risk of damage drastically increases. Professional tree removers have experience and the right tools to remove a dead tree safely. They’re also insured, which means that if something does go wrong, you’re covered.


What to Do About a Sick Tree

If you have a sick tree, you have two options. A trained arborist can help diagnose the problem and come up with a plan to save the tree. In many cases, this involves heavy pruning. It is often necessary to remove dead or diseased parts of a tree and pare everything back to only the healthiest sections. Knowing what parts of the tree are still healthy requires detailed knowledge of tree biology and deep familiarity with diseases, something that an experienced arborist has. 


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