5 Reasons to Remove Dead Trees From Your Property

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it, right? Wrong. Dead trees, even those without broken limbs, should be fixed. “Fix” dead trees is by removing them with help from a reputable MD tree removal company. Check out these five reasons why it’s necessary to remove dead trees from your property as soon as possible. 

Reasons to remove dead trees from your property

1. Trees Could Fall

Once a tree dies, it weakens significantly. A weak tree is more likely to fall, but it’s impossible to predict when a dead tree might fall. It’s best to remove the tree as soon as possible. With a simple removal, you can eliminate the possibility of the tree falling on your property, a beloved animal, or anyone else. 

2. They Can Affect Other Trees

Did you know that dead trees are a breeding ground for diseases? Once a dead tree is infected, the disease can spread to other trees around your property. For example, if a dead tree develops fungi, it can easily transfer to other trees, and your entire landscape could be destroyed. 

3. They Attract Pests

In addition to attracting diseases, dead trees also attract pests. Termites, carpenter ants, and other wood-boring insects prefer to set up shop in a dead tree. After establishing themselves in the tree, they’ll quickly multiply and cause further problems around your property. Rats have also been known to nest in dead trees. The easy fix is to remove the tree before pests arrive. 

4. It Costs Less to Remove it Now

When a tree is dead, its structural integrity is compromised. That means that at any moment, parts of the tree or the entire tree could collapse. Parts of the tree can land on your yard, car, roof, a person, or anywhere else. The resulting damage can be expensive to repair. If you remove a dead tree before it collapses, you’ll save a lot of money on repairs. 

5. They Aren’t Attractive

Nothing sticks out more than a dead tree. Dead trees are unattractive and can ruin your curb appeal, along with reducing property values. Removing dead trees ultimately raises the value of the property and contributes to an overall oupgrade of the property. 

Professional Tree Removal Services

When you’re ready to remove dead trees from your property, Hagan and Sons is here to help. We safely remove trees before they can fall and cause catastrophic damages. Contact us today to request tree removal services.