What’s Involved with Land Clearing?

No matter what the end result is, every piece of developed land started out as a piece of natural land, covered in plants and animals. At Hagan & Sons, we’ve been providing the state of Maryland with our tree removal and land clearing services for years, and wanted to talk a bit today about what exactly is involved in land clearing.

The Removal of Trees

Removing trees from a plot of land takes up a good chunk of the land clearing process. Most land plots have a number of trees on them, and they’ll need to be taken down before any buildings can be constructed. Not only will they need to be taken down, but their stumps will need to be removed as well.

Ground Leveling

Once all of the trees have been cut down, and their stumps have been ground down, the ground will need to be leveled out. Buildings can only be built on solid, level ground, which makes the process of ground leveling as important as any other part of land clearing. You should only trust leveling with a professional land clearing company in Maryland.


The task of excavating a property involves things like road building, landslide and mudslide debris removal, washout repairs, and catwalk projects. During the process of excavating, any objects that may hinder construction will be removed, and preparations will be made for the laying of a foundation.

Work with a Professional Land Clearing Company

Whether you’re looking to add a shed to your backyard or are looking to build a new commercial building, if you have a plot of land that needs to be developed, give us a call. When you’ve cleared as much land as we have, you learn the ins and outs of the entire process. Reach out to us today to schedule a free estimate.