What Wood Can Be Burned in a Fireplace?

All wood will burn, but some wood burns “better” than other wood. At Hagan & Sons, we’ve worked with many different types of wood, and have learned over the years just which wood types burn the best. We wanted to take some time today to go over what we’ve learned with you, by outlining some of the best wood you can burn in your fireplace.

Hardwood Is Your Best Option

Hardwoods like maple, oak, ash, and birch make for amazing burning woods. Hardwoods burn longer and hotter than other types of wood, and generally have the least amount of pitch and sap. They can become expensive, but if you can afford it, you should definitely consider burning hardwood in your home’s fireplace.

Softwood Will Burn Too

Softwood is much cheaper than hardwood, and while you will be saving some money up front, burning softwoods could end up costing you more as they burn faster, leave behind finer ash, and will require you to have your chimney swept/cleaned more often. Popular softwoods include pine, fir, balsam, spruce, cedar, alder, and poplar.

Ensure Your Wood Is Dry

No matter the kind of wood you’re burning, you want your wood to be as dry as possible. Burning “green wood”, wood that is “fresh” or at least not dried, produces less heat and more smoke than wood that is properly dried or seasoned. To properly store your wood, you should stack it in an area with good air circulation with a cover on top only. We also recommend you rotate your wood, as burning the oldest and driest wood first means you can avoid wood rot and waste.

Need Some Help With Tree Service?

Do you have any trees on your property that you’re thinking about having trimmed or taken down? Do you have a chimney? You can kill two birds with one stone here. At Hagans & Sons, we’ve helped many homeowners in Maryland with our tree removal services, and many of them kept the wood to be used in their fireplace. If you’re interested in some assistance, or would like to learn more about our services, get into contact with us today.