The Dangers of DIY Tree Trimming

Trimming the trees on your property might sound like an easy and harmless job, but plenty of DIY tasks like these can end in injury or disaster if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing. Let’s take a look at some of the dangers involved with DIY tree trimming.

tree trimming dangers diy

You might think it’s cost-effective to trim the trees around your home on your own, but you may end up paying a bigger price down the road. Some of the most common risks involved are:

Falling Trees

If you’re not an expert tree trimmer, you may not be well-versed in the warning signs of weak or diseased trees. The latter is often more difficult to notice because the disease tends to affect the inside of the tree before the outside, meaning the tree may look fine on the outside but be deteriorating on the inside. If you perform maintenance on diseased or weak trees, there’s an increased risk of the tree falling. Depending on the size of the tree, this could mean personal injury or even home damage if the tree is close in proximity to your house.

Personal Injury

Tall ladders are needed for reaching and trimming the branches of even small to average-sized trees. All it takes is a gust of wind or a change in your balance and you could end up falling off the ladder and landing on the ground. This is especially dangerous when you have sharp tools in hand. OSHA requires tree trimming professionals to wear protective gear and undergo extensive training due to the dangerous nature of their profession, so you can imagine how risky it is attempting to take on this task on your own.

Breaking the Law

In some cities, it is against the law to modify or cut down certain trees, even if they are inside your property line. If there are no laws against it in your area, your homeowners association (HOA) may have rules and regulations regarding property maintenance and tree trimming specifically. If you break these rules even without knowing, you can be subjected to costly fines.

Safe & Professional Tree Trimming Service in MD

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