How to Safely Store Your Firewood

How to Safely Store Your Firewood

If you’re fortunate enough to have a fireplace, we’re sure you’ll be using this winter. Nothing beats sitting around the fire during this time. The key to enjoying a nice fire is using the proper firewood. You want firewood that cleanly burns, produces minimal smoke, and yields the most heat. How you store your firewood will determine its quality. Take a look at how you can safely store your firewood. 

Split it

One way you can help prepare your firewood for use is to split it. Wood usually has a moisture content of 60 percent or higher, and the bark is what keeps the moisture inside. Splitting your firewood exposes the interior of the wood to air and in turn, will dry it to the appropriate water content. It will also discourage wood-dwelling insects from invading. 

Properly Stack it

Believe it or not, how you stack your wood can affect its quality. Stacking firewood speeds up the drying process and also protects it from the elements. Always stack your firewood in rows of no more than four feet high. You can stack the wood on top of each other or you could use a log rack. Either way, stack your wood to ensure that it will remain dry. 

Choose the Right Location

When choosing a location to store your wood, keep in mind that your wood will remain in that spot for a long time. Never stack wood against your home, garage, or shed. Doing so will invite termites to that location. Choose a location where the wood won’t have direct contact with soil and will be protected from the elements.

Cover it

While you may have stored your firewood in a seemingly safe location, it’s always a good idea to directly cover your firewood. Use a tarp or plastic sheet to cover the top and some of the sides of your woodpile. Don’t completely cover the sides of your woodpile; instead, keep most of it open so your wood is exposed to air. 

Want Wood That is Ready to Go?

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