4 Reasons Why Tree Care is Better Left for the Pros

4 Reasons Why Tree Care is Better Left for the Pros

We all have that tree in our yard that we wish wasn’t there, or a demanding tree that needs regular upkeep. You could save money and deal with it yourself, but this can be dangerous and even cost you your life. Let’s look at four reasons why it’s best to let the professionals deal with tree care.

1. They Have the Necessary Knowledge and Training

Caring for trees isn’t a simple task. It involves dangerous work and if you lack the proper training and knowledge, you can get seriously hurt. To safely care for a tree, you must understand tree physics and biology; something that can take years to learn. The professionals have this training and knowledge so they can get the job done safely.

2. They Have the Proper Equipment

Most homeowners don’t have the needed tools to get a tree job done. The tools that they do have are usually either too small, faulty, or too complicated for them to use. Professional arborists have every tool needed to care for trees properly. They have the equipment needed for:

  • Rigging
  • Cutting
  • Climbing
  • Trimming

Homeowners usually only have equipment for one of those categories, rarely for all four.

3. They Have Insurance

Since caring for trees is a dangerous job every professional tree company is required to have liability and worker’s compensation insurance. That means that if something happens while the company is working on your trees, you won’t be held liable. You can’t say the same thing if you and a friend decide to work on a tree on your own.

4. They Won’t Damage the Tree

When it comes to trees, not everything is as they seem. Tree pruning requires extensive knowledge of trees. When done right, a pruned tree will have less stress and overall damage. When done poorly, a pruned tree will have an increased likelihood of disease or shock. The professionals know prune trees correctly.

Let the Pros at Hagan & Sons Care for your Trees

Now that you know why it’s best to let the pros handle your tree care needs, you should know why it’s best to let Hagan & Sons care for your trees. Since 1989 we’ve been offering homeowners in Sykesville, MD tree service at affordable prices. Throughout the years we’ve earned a reputation for being honest and thorough. We’d love to help you, give us a call or contact us today to receive a free estimate.