Why Should You Have Your Trees Trimmed Before Summer?

A beautiful and healthy property is a core desire of many homeowners, just as trees are a core part of that beauty and health. Regular maintenance performed by professionals is the best way to keep your trees as healthy as possible and to increase not only their value but also the value of your property. In addition to regularly performed maintenance, getting your trees trimmed for summer is especially important with seasonal storms and increased outdoor activity.

A tree down after a summer storm.

Tree Trimming, Had Me a Blast

Regular tree maintenance in Carroll County is one of the best ways to keep your trees vibrant and healthy while ensuring they’ll fit in with an ever-changing landscape. Tree trimming helps let in more light by strategically removing branches which in turn encourages growth of other nearby plants, as well as proactively removes potential hazards. Removing dead, damaged, and diseased branches will also mitigate most potential hazards from your tree, yard, and home.

Summer Storms, Happened So Fast

If there’s one thing that can be predicted about Carroll County weather, it’s the fact that summer brings an onslaught of unpredictable storms. Many of these come with winds and weather with enough force to damage your trees, leaving debris and problematic spots on your property. Limbs that weren’t trimmed prior to the storm are likely to break off and fall, often damaging both the tree and its surroundings. Problematic limbs can also turn into problematic trees. With the right conditions, storms can bring down entire trees should they not be trimmed before the season.

Call Hagan & Sons For That Summer Trim

While you get your summer trim at the salon or barbershop, Hagan & Sons can give your trees a summer trim of their own. With more than 25 years of experience performing tree maintenance in Carroll County, we bring the knowledge and excellence to your home that you deserve with the same care of your hairdresser. You can trust Hagan & Sons with tree trimming and full service tree maintenance to make sure your trees and home are safe and ready for the summer season. Call us today at 410-876-2143 to get your trees trimmed before it’s too late.