What Firewood is Good for Burning in Fireplaces?

With the weather getting colder and the holiday season right around the corner, many homeowners are deciding to use their fireplace. No matter if you’re using your fireplace for ambiance or use it strictly to warm the house, the type of wood you use matters. Not all wood burns the same, so you’ll want to make sure you’re using wood that burns hot and relatively steady. 


Ash is a type of hardwood that splits easily and burns cleanly. The wood has a low moisture content but can be harder to catch when the logs are of any notable diameter. If you choose to burn this type of wood, be sure to use plenty of kindling made from softer woods or use fire starters to ensure that you create enough heat for an even burn.



Birchwood is a great wood to use as a firestarter if it is chopped into small, thin pieces. But, it can also be a great wood for burning when it’s in larger log form. Birchwood burns hot and cleanly and can be used after less time spent seasoning than other hardwoods. Be sure to remove the bark if the wood is not dried or aged fully before placing it in the fireplace. 



Hickory wood is great for fireplaces because it burns hot and clean when it’s properly seasoned and cut into an appropriate size. If you choose to use hickory for your fireplace, cut it into logs of no thicker than five inches. The result will be a long-lasting fire with a sweet, savory woodsmoke. 


Fruit Tree Wood

Any fruit-producing tree, such as pecan, apple, and peach, will make for great firewood. That’s because they are a type of hardwood that burns hot and gives off pleasant aromas. However, since the actual trees are often smaller than other types of trees, the wood can be more expensive. 



This type of hardwood is ideal for fireplaces because it’s dense and burns slowly; therefore giving you hours of heat. The only caveat is that oak takes a long time to season, so it’s best to look for kiln-dried oak. Luckily, oak is one of the few types of wood that grows well all over the county, so you won’t have to look far. 


Need Firewood This Winter?

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