Taking Care of Tree Accidents Before They Happen

We never know when disaster may strike, and for all we know, an accident could be waiting just around the corner. Here at Hagan & Sons, we’ve been helping Marylanders manage trees on their property for years, and we hope to do so for many more. We wanted to take some time today to talk about why it’s important to have your trees maintained regularly, and how regular maintenance can prevent tree accidents from happening.

Have a Loose Branch?

Sometimes when a branch falls, it doesn’t hit the ground, and instead will become ensnared in the tree’s canopy. You never know when this branch may fall, and where it may land, which makes it a dangerous hazard


If you have a loose branch stuck in a tree on your property, you should get into contact with a professional Maryland tree trimming company. The longer you wait, the higher the likelihood of an accident occurring is, so you’re better off having your tree trimmed ASAP.

Have Your Trees Trimmed Regularly

One of the best ways to prevent limbs from falling onto your property is to have your trees trimmed regularly. Typically regular tree trimming services involve two to three yearly visits, though this may vary depending on the size of your lawn. Talk with a professional tree trimming company to learn what kind of services can be provided to your lawn.

Get Help from an Experienced Tree Trimming Company in Maryland

If you’re looking for some help from a professional tree trimming company in Maryland, then you’ve come to the right place. At Hagan & Sons, we’ve been helping Marylanders for years and we can help you too. We offer professional tree trimming and maintenance services to all of Maryland. Get into contact with us today to schedule an appointment and a free estimate.