Proper Stump Grinding for Land Reuse

Land clearing is important for any large property or land overhaul. It gives way to a blank canvas that allows builders to move forward with their project. But once trees are cut down and removed, the tree stumps remain. These tree stumps need to be ground up and removed in order to reuse the space for something else. Here’s what you need to know about proper stump grinding for land reuse. 



Burying Stumps

Burying is the most common and cheapest way to dispose of a tree stump. When you bury a tree stump, the wood will continue to decompose. However, as it slowly disintegrates underneath the soil, it can cause changes to the surrounding soil. Ultimately, decomposing tree stumps buried underneath soil can create air pockets and can eventually lead to sinkholes. Because of that possibility, many city ordinances now prevent burying stumps and tree debris. 



The best way to remove a tree stump is by grinding it. A professional tree removal company will use a stump grinder to chew away at the stump wood. Grinding the stump prevents the lengthy and costly process of digging out a tree stump. After the tree stump is ground up, the wood can be reused as mulch on or off the property. Tree stump grinding takes the tree stump well below ground level so the land can be reused.  



Once the tree stump has been ground, and is not needed for mulch on the property, it is hauled away. When you work with a reputable tree removal company, they worry about removing the ground-up tree stump for you. They have the necessary equipment and tools to haul the remains properly. That means you only have to worry about giving them a call, and they’ll handle the rest. 



In some cases, tree stumps are reused on properties. They provide excellent floor protection or shelter for fish on the bottom of lakes and ponds. If you don’t have a lake or pond on your property, there are a number of other creative ways to reuse your ground stumps. You can use it for mulch, as composting material, or fill a hole with it. The possibilities are endless! 


Clean Up

Once the tree stump has been grounded up and removed, it’s time to clean up. Cleaning up after tree grinding involves removing the roots and leveling the ground. Trees generally have a network of roots that can interfere with construction projects. If this is the case, you can request that your tree removal company remove the tree roots. They’ll use a root rake to extract most of the roots that can cause problems during construction. Afterward, they’ll level the land, using a grader and bulls to restore the grade of your property.


Proper Tree Stump Removal from Hagans & Sons

The tree removal experts at Hagans & Sons Tree Service are here to help you properly remove tree stumps on your property. Our experienced arborists know how to properly grind and remove tree stumps in a way that allows you to reuse the land in any way you want. Contact us today to learn more and request a free estimate.