Preparing Your Trees for Spring

Spring is just around the corner. Warmer weather, kids playing outside, flowers in bloom, what’s not to love? There are some things that you need to do to prepare your home and property for the season and as a professional Carroll County, MD tree removal company, we wanted to offer tips for getting your trees ready for the spring.

Clean and Rake Around Trees

It’s very important that you keep the area surrounding your tree clear. If it’s cluttered with leaves and sticks, they need to be cleared before you add any mulch. You should also clear out any weeds that may have sprouted up around your tree. Weeds pull water and sunlight away from trees, so leaving the weeds in the ground could hinder the growth of your tree.

Mulch is Important

It may not seem like all that important of a tip, but laying mulch around your tree can actually have a huge impact on its health and growth. Laying mulch around your tree helps it retain more water, and it also helps to prevent weeds. You should make sure that each trunk receives a layer of mulch that’s roughly three to four inches tall.

Trees Are Thirsty

Now that the weather’s warmer, your trees are going to need more water. Mulching is a good way to help the tree retain rainwater, but you’ll also need to give the tree some extra water yourself. If the tree is young, water close to the trunk, but if it’s and older and more established tree, it’s better to water away from the tree in a wide circle, as mature roots often extend out much further.

Prune Your Trees

Spring is the perfect time to prune your trees for a couple of reasons. First, there aren’t any leaves on your tree this time of year, so you can see what exactly what you’re doing with no view obstructions. Second, there are far fewer bugs and pests. If it’s a small tree, you may be able to prune it yourself, but if you have a large tree you’re likely better off working with a professional tree trimming and removal company.

Work With an Experienced Carroll County, MD Tree Removal Company

Here at Hagan and Sons, we’ve been providing Carroll County, MD with our tree removal services for years, and we’ve helped thousands of people with all of their different tree needs. If you’re in need of tree removal or any other tree-related service, don’t try and tackle it on your own. Our team of Carroll County, MD tree experts is standing by ready to assist you, so give us a call today.