Land Clearing Considerations

Do you have a part of your property that you’ve been thinking about clearing? There are a lot of things you could do with a cleared bit of land. At Hagan and Sons, we’ve helped a lot of homeowners clear their land, and have a great knowledge of Maryland land clearance. We wanted to talk for a little bit today about a few different considerations you should have when looking to have a part of your property cleared, as it can be a confusing process, especially if it’s one you haven’t gone through before.

Before Any Clearing Can Begin, the Plot Needs to Be Staked

One of the first things, if not the first thing, that should be done when preparing to clear a plot of land is staking it out. More likely than not, you only want a part of your property cleared, and don’t want any other part cleared. The best way to ensure this is the case is to stake out the plot that is set to be cleared, and have it marked with a rope outline. Doing so will ensure that no part of your property that shouldn’t be touched, is touched. This is a standard operating procedure that any professional Maryland land clearance service company should follow.

Pinpoint What Will Be Removed

Once the plot has been staked out, it’s very important that you mark out what is going to be removed, and what is going to be kept. Do you plan on having everything removed? Things like vegetation, roots, stumps, plants, trees, and bushes will all be removed unless otherwise marked, or if you haven’t communicated your wishes previously. We recommend you try to preserve as many trees and as much natural vegetation as possible when looking to clear your land.

Waste Has to Be Disposed of Properly

Depending on the contents of your property, this could be either simple or a complicated process.  Whatever is being cleared, needs to be taken somewhere and different kinds of waste need to be disposed of separately. Metal scrap isn’t taken to the same place necessarily that dirt is, and if you have anything that is hazardous on your property, its removal will require extra care. You should be sure to discuss the removal of your cleared materials with the Maryland land clearance company you’re working with.

Consult with an Experienced and Trusted Name in Land Clearance

Interested in learning more about the land clearance process? Want to learn more about the team we employ at Hagan and Sons? No matter what kind of land clearing project you have coming up, we have the team available to help. You want the job to go right the first time and expect a level of professionalism, and that’s what we provide. Give us a call at 410-876-2143, or reach out to us through our website, to request a free estimate. Our team of land clearing specialists is standing by waiting to hear from you!