How to Maintain Your Tree During the Summer

Your trees enjoy summer just as much as humans do. However, that does not mean they don’t require maintenance to keep them happy and healthy throughout the season. Check out these ways for maintaining your tree during the summer.


Mulching involves placing materials over the soil surface to improve conditions. Mulching is important because it cuts down on weed competition, stabilizes soil temperatures, and helps conserve soil moisture. It’s usually recommended to mulch your tree during the spring, but it’s never too late to do so. You can properly mulch your tree by forming a donut shape around the base of the tree with the material. 



During the hot, dry summer months, your tree may need some additional watering. Trees need an average of one inch of water per week. It’s important to note that deeper, less frequent applications of water promote better root growth than shallow, more frequent irrigation. 



Another important summer tree care maintenance task is to fertilize your trees. This ensures that they have enough nutrition to support leaf and shoot growth, and fend off pests and diseases. Trees that are growing in high-stress areas, such as urban or suburban environments, will need to be fertilized more often than trees growing in natural areas. 



Although a majority of your tree should be trimmed during its dormant season, there are a few instances when it’s best to have your tree pruned in the summer. Anytime your tree shows signs of disease, damage, or dead branches, then it’s time to have your tree pruned. Additionally, if you have a tree that flowers in the spring, it’s best to prune it in the early summer. 


Protect Your Trees from Storm Damage

Summertime is known to bring hurricanes and destructive storms. Protect your trees’ integrity by consulting with an arborist to assess the safety of your large trees. They may suggest cabling or bracing trees with weak limbs or removing weak limbs completely. That way, your tree is protected from the harmful effects of storm damage. 


Get Help From a Professional Arborist 

Hagan and Sons have over 30 years of experience maintaining and removing trees. As a tree removal company in MD that has been in service since 1989, we know how to protect your trees throughout the entire year. Contact us today to learn about our tree maintenance services.