Can Storms Damage Your Trees?

Maryland experiences its fair share of storms throughout the year, some with strong winds, hail, or flooding. All of these elements can have a detrimental effect on your landscaping, specifically your trees.

What Can Happen to Trees in a Storm

The strength of your tree depends on a few things. If the tree is old, it can be weak and more at risk for damage in a storm. If a tree is diseased, you may not be able to notice from looking at the outside but it could be deteriorating from the inside out. Tree roots are mostly underground, so it can additionally be hard to tell the condition of the roots at any given time. The primary elements that can damage your trees are:


Strong winds are common during storms in Maryland, especially when we experience hurricanes. If your tree’s roots are weak or it is old or diseased, it can easily topple with one strong gust of wind. High winds that persist for hours can remove leaves and branches from your trees and, when paired with flash floods, can lead to your tree to be uprooted.


When it storms, there is frequently flooding present whether it’s a flash flood or the rain accumulates over a longer period of time. The rain soaks into the ground which loosens the dirt surrounding your tree and its roots. When an already-weakened tree experiences excessive rain and flooding, it can be at risk of falling.


Although hail often occurs in storms when the weather outside is chilly, we do still see storms with hail during the summer months as well. This frozen element can fall in the form of small ice pellets or it can fall in spheres as large as golf balls. When large hail is present in a storm, it can easily knock weak branches from your trees.

Whether You Should Keep or Remove a Damaged Tree

The way you handle your tree’s damage has a lot to do with the damage itself. If a few branches were blown off in a storm, a professional arborist can typically remedy any issues and help you in maintaining the tree’s health. If the tree has major damage, it may require emergency removal.

Professional Emergency Tree Removal in Westminster

If you’ve experienced a bad storm recently and have tree damage because of it, reach out to the experts at Hagan & Sons. We offer professional emergency tree removal in Westminster and can safely get rid of damaged or unwanted trees on your property, in addition to performing general tree maintenance.

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