Are Invasive Trees Causing Problems in Your Yard?

Trees on your property can be beneficial in many ways. They beautify your home’s exterior, provide shade from the sun, and are the intended setting for building a treehouse. However, their sturdiness can be easily compromised due to old age, severe wind, ice storms, lightning, accidents, and improper maintenance practices.

invasive tree issues

Warning Sign #1: Sudden Shifting or Leaning

Of course, there are some sturdy trees that have grown in a natural upward curve and are perfectly healthy and strong with a low risk of falling. It is the trees that have grown straight upward throughout their lives that suddenly appear to be leaning that pose the most danger. In these cases, it’s not a matter of if the tree will fall, rather when it will fall.

Warning Sign #2: Rapidly Growing Hollow

Tree hollows can form for a number of different reasons. Most start out as small wounds and only grow if a fungus is present. The fungus will eventually start to eat at the wood unless the tree seals the diseased wound quickly. It’s just a matter of time before the fungus spreads throughout the tree, eating away at the wood and eventually causing decay or a fall.

Warning Sign #3: Unexplained Branch Shedding

Trees naturally shed dead branches throughout their lifetime, and big storms with heavy wind or ice can facilitate the snapping off of weak or dying branches. However, if your tree is shedding live branches when the weather has been mild and no recent wind or storms have occurred, there’s a good chance the tree has started to decay from the inside.

Warning Sign #4: Nearby Trees Have Recently Fallen

Tree roots from neighboring trees are known to weave themselves into intricate and intertwining patterns under the ground. Because they are close in proximity, they also share similar soil, so one tree falling could be a sign that the roots have begun to weaken due to pests, pathogens, or fungus present in the shared soil. It could take a couple of days to a few months for nearby trees to fall after the first one does, but it’s best to determine the state of the trees still standing rather than simply waiting for others to fall.

Looking for Emergency Tree Removal in Maryland?

If you’re currently experiencing any of the above, Hagan & Sons is available 24/7 to provide any emergency tree removal services you require. Contact us as soon as you notice any of these warning signs so that the professionals can ensure no further damage occurs.