4 Tips for Summer Tree Maintenance

If you have beautiful trees on your property, you need to make sure that they’re looking their best year-round. That’s why we’ve put together 4 great tips for summer tree maintenance. These tips will ensure that your trees are getting the care they need to continue thriving through the year’s hottest months. Let’s take a look.

Add Some Mulch to Your Trees

Mulch has many beneficial properties for your trees and a little mulch can go a long way in preserving them. However, in the summer, it’s your mulch’s ability to provide shade to your tree’s roots and its ability to retain moisture that is going to help the most. You’re going to want to spread your mulch about 3-4 inches deep around the base of your tree for best results.

Water Your Trees Often

Your mulch isn’t going to be able to retain water for your tree’s roots without ample water on a regular basis. The heat of the summer often leads to evaporation, which can leave your trees feeling dry. During particularly hot months, give your trees a drink about 2-3 times a week to ensure their root beds are moist. Just be careful not to overwater them, as this can lead to rot.

Examine Your Trees for Pests

Pests come in many forms, but all of them can spell real trouble for your trees. Keep an eye on your trees throughout the summer and check for issues with the leaves, holes in their trunks, and insects. Now, you’re probably going to find your fair share of insects on your trees. They are outside after all, but you want to make sure that these insects aren’t boring holes into the limbs of your tree, nor the trunk. If something doesn’t look right to you, then call in the experts. We’ll make sure everything is as it should be.

Prune, But Only If Necessary

Now, pruning your trees is usually a good idea. It helps keep them healthy and can even promote growth, but they may not need it in the summer. As a rule of thumb, you should only prune dead or dying limbs in the Summer to ensure that the problem doesn’t spread. Otherwise, you should really only prune your trees when they are dormant.

Hagan & Sons Can Help With Summer Tree Maintenance

Whether you’re looking for a little pruning or you need help with your stumps, Hagan & Sons is here to help you. We offer masterful tree maintenance in Carroll County, Maryland that will ensure your trees are looking and feeling their best. Contact us today to learn more.