4 Reasons to Trim Trees

Well-kempt trees make a beautiful addition to any landscape. However, well-kempt trees require quite a lot of maintenance. Maintenance includes anything from watering to tree pruning. Trimming is an integral part of maintaining healthy, aesthetically pleasing trees. There are plenty of reasons to regularly trim your trees, and these four shed some light on why maintaining your landscaping is of the utmost importance.

Reasons to trim the trees around your property

1. Trimming Promotes Growth

Believe it or not, trimming your trees actually helps them grow. Tree trimming promotes growth while helping the tree develop a strong core. By getting rid of dead branches and leaves, trees won’t have to use valuable resources to combat disease and decay that is typically found there. Trimming also improves light penetration and air circulation, which means that the center of the tree will have better access to sunlight. 

2. Trimming Improves Curb Appeal

In addition to promoting healthy branches, trimming also keeps the tree looking nice and neat. Dead branches are unsightly and do nothing to enhance your tree’s appearance. Get rid of them with regular trims. Trimming allows more sunlight and moisture to reach the tree’s canopy, which means a better-looking tree for your landscape. 

3. Trimming Promotes Safety

Did you know that dead branches can fall at any time without warning? What happens if a branch lands on your car, or worse, on a person? Dead branches are also usually flammable, which poses a fire risk to your property. Lastly, dead branches attract destructive insects and even parasitic fungi. Keep your trees and the people around them safe with regular trimming. 

4. Trimming Encourages Fruit Production

If you have a fruit tree in your yard, you’ll enjoy the added benefit of bountiful fruit production. Since tree trimming promotes growth, it’s no surprise that you can expect to see more fruit production from healthy trees. You and your loved ones can enjoy fruit in your front or backyard so long as the trees remain trim and healthy. 

Professional Tree Trimmers 

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