5 Ways Your Trees Can Suffer Fatal Damage in the Summer

Many people believe that once summer arrives, the probability of tree damage is next to zero. But, summer brings along new challenges for trees. Hot weather and limited water are perfect conditions for extensive damage. Check out these five ways your trees can suffer fatal damage this summer.

1. Hot Soil

When the soil around your tree becomes too hot, it affects the tree’s ability to grow and produce. You can tell if a tree is overheating because the leaves on the tree will begin to writhe, turn yellow or brown, and ultimately die. Luckily, you can regulate the soil’s temperature by laying a fresh layer of mulch at the beginning of the summer. 


2. Dehydrated

Just like humans, trees need to remain hydrated. The summer heat can dry out the roots and soil quickly. If left unattended, your tree can eventually die. Be sure to break out the hose this summer and regularly water your trees. Keep in mind that the deeper into the ground a tree can be watered, the better.


3. Lack of Nutrients

It’s not enough to water your trees; you also need to provide them with valuable nutrients. These nutrients give your tree the power to grow healthy and strong. They also help combat diseases and pests. The nutrients your tree needs can be found in fertilizer. Lay a fresh layer of fertilizer around your tree at least once a year to promote healthy growth. 


4. Thunderstorms

While we’re inside being protected from a thunderstorm, your tree is outside in the midst of it. Trees can be damaged by heavy rain and winds. You can prepare your tree for a storm by bracing or cabling weak branches. If parts of your tree do become damaged, have the damaged or weakened branches removed to save the rest of the tree. 


5. Unwanted Visitors

Summertime is when bugs and rodents are most active. There are plenty of bugs and rodents that won’t bother the tree, but there are a few that will. If your tree contracts any unwanted, harmful guests, it can severely damage your tree. That’s why regular examinations are so important. Examinations will help with the early detection of harmful pests and resolve the problem so that your tree can be saved. 


Professional Tree Services From Hagan and Sons

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